2015 Aqua Turf Bridal Show [PHOTOS]

Amanda Marie Designs, Booth #124!!

Hey Brides!

So if you follow me on any of my social media accounts, you’ll most likely know that I participated in the Aqua Turf bridal show this post sunday! These shows are still exciting for me because it gives me a chance to get my work out there and network with fellow pro’s in the industry. I don’t get to do a ton of that while I’m still working a full time job and doing my invitations on the side at home.

After long hours and lots of weekends assembling these pieces, its so rewarding to see my booth and business come together. Hand-making these invitations is a hobby I enjoy and I couldn’t be more blessed to have this become my business. Also, I could not thank my amazing mother enough for all the help and support she gives me. She’ll probably be the only employee I’ll ever have who puts up with me and works for free 😉

Below I put together a gallery of images from the show…


My thoughts on the overall production

As I said above, I’m still new to the industry and have only been to and participated in a hand-full of shows, but I do have some thoughts to share from a vendor and brides perspective.

Being a newly engaged bride, I made sure I took the time to walk around the show before it started to get an idea which vendors were there and what they were offering. If you aren’t familiar with Aqua Turf in Plantsville, it is HUGE so I was super excited to see who was showcasing.

The majority of vendors there were DJs/Entertainment, photography, florists and bakeries. Although this is great, I was kind of disappointed that there weren’t more unique vendors. My theory on these expos is that I’d like to go and find something I didn’t know I was looking for.

For instance, there was a company there called Cork and Brew, they allow you to make your own wine and beer which I though is a super cool idea for a shower, stag, or even a night with your bridal party. They’re probably someone I wouldn’t have found online and loved discovering.

Entering an expo as a vendor can be quite pricey. Before committing, I thought of all the ways I can guarantee to make this worth it. In this society, I think its important to either give something away or do something to entice these brides and grooms to work with you. As a small local business, I’m in competition with the entire cyber world and need to work that much harder to get brides to work with me.

I decided that I wasted to do a giveaway. I handed out flyers to each bride who stopped at my table, enticing them to go on my website to enter the contest. This way, they were on my site and hopefully checking out my work as well.

I also think its important to make your booth super attractive and stand out. I chose to spend several hours to make a paper flower backdrop to not only make my booth pretty but to show my artistic side as well. And it worked. Everyone loved it.

Overall, I think its really important to think out your decor and marketing ploys before the show to help guarantee that you’ll get your moneys worth.

I hope you enjoyed a little peak into my booth decor 😉 If you missed my giveaway posts, you can enter here to win a $200 credit towards ANY of my services!!!

Thanks for reading!

With Love,
A Marie xx

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