About Amanda

Amanda Marie is an all around visionary. With her artistic background and business-like mind, Amanda creates beautiful artwork that is both effective and appealing to the eye.

Amanda graduated with a BFA in graphic design from Paier College of Art in Connecticut. Just 6 months prior to graduating, she established her very own company at a mere 20 years old.

As a modern day “starving artist,” Amanda is constantly starving for more growth, knowledge and experience in this exciting industry of event design.

Get to know me!

My Inspiration
My Parents | Big Cities | Traveling | Different Cultures/Countries | Steve Jobs | Other Artists
Fashion | Passionate People

I love…
My family & my man | Living on a farm | My 3 adorable dogs | Hearts | Mint chocolate chip ice cream | Jewelry | Antiques | Homemade Chianti | Fresh flowers | Leather | Sundays | Dresses | Love

I wish…
To create a world known brand | To make lots of money and give it away | I could sing
To start a charity | People would write handwritten letters again | I lived a day in the 1920’s

Guilty pleasures
Chocolate | Strong Coffee | Painting my nails | Lounging in my robe for hours
Tattoos | Lipstick | Craft Stores